Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Clean, Chemical-Free Home

For those of you who have asked about natural cleaning... Several years ago I purchased a book titled, 'The Naturally Clean Home'. This book is where I have gotten most of my ideas. I use baking soda as a natural abrasive-an alternative to Comet. When I clean bathroom or kitchen sinks I sprinkle baking soda, drip a few drops of essential oil, and spray with my vinegar cleaner. Then I scrub, scrub, scrub. :-) From what I have read, distilled vinegar kills germs as do certain essential oils. I currently use orange oil or lavender oil. In the past I have used lemon, tea tree, and oregano. Lemon and lavender are my favorite aroma wise and I only use oils to clean with that have antibacterial properties. To clean the toilet I put around 1 cup of baking soda into the toilet. Then I add 1-2 cups of vinegar and watch it fizz. I let this sit while I clean the sink and mirror. When I am ready to scrub out the bowl I add 10 or so drops of essential oil and scrub until shiny. To mop floors I put about 2 cups of vinegar into the mop bucket, a small drizzle of dish soap (optional), 10 drops of oil and fill to 2/3 with hot water. The house smells wonderful when I am finished mopping. My all-purpose vinegar spray is 1/2 a spray bottle of water and 1/2 vinegar. I add 10-15 drops of oil to the spray bottle and always shake it before I use it. I use this for counters, mirrors, windows, dusting, and anything else that needs wiping up. I also frequently make my own laundry soap that is free of all the chemicals in regular detergents. All of this gives me peace of mind as we play on the floor, wear our clothes, eat off our dishes, and just breath the air in our home. There are no worries when my children use the cleaning supplies too. I never have to worry about Silas getting into the 'scary' things under the sink either. I love creating a home that is clean, peaceful, and healthy. Blessings dear ones. :-)


Hannah said...

It is so nice to see ah, no hear that other people like to clean naturally too. I think I might have grown up some since you last visited, now that I think about it! hehe! It's kind of funny, yet sad because it makes me realize how many years it's been :(
I was 14 1/4 the last time we saw you and now I am half way to 17. Wow. It seems strange to think of Haley turning 13 this year. I'm praying that it won't be much longer before we see you!
It better be before I am married or engaged to be married (that could be soon you know) hahaha! I don't think so!
Oh dear, I could ramble about who knows what, on and on and on. . . I'm a talker when I want to be and a typer to :P

One last thing,

I am hosting a giveaway on my blog, I think you and maybe Haley too would like to enter it :)

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It ends on June 20th, so hopefully you will get this before then :)

Oh I love you dearly!
Say hello to my friend and tell her that I do want to write soon but in the meantime I wouldn't not like to get any from her!
XOXO to all of you!!!
~Hannah of Marilla Heights~

Home school Mom said...

I love that...thank you for the post. I'll have to try some of them. :) I need you to come clean my house! LOL Yours sounds so clean and fresh smelling!! ;D

Anonymous said...

I love to naturally clean...but since moving to the country it became less important for me than when I lived in the city. To always seem to be washing my whole house and keeping it impeccably clean...
was something I seemed to spend hours on when I lived in the city...and natural was usually my choice after suffering bad health over bad cleaners. I am familiar with your read and your blog followers will enjoy the wonderful resource you have given.
ecently we have been vending next to a women who sells "Ginger Clean"- a reputable natural cleaning product. The story how this product came to be is noteworthy... like me you probably will continue to mix your own... but Ginger Clean is something I tried and I really like it if I was going to purchase my natural cleaning product. You may want to research it if you ever need any good ideas.
I don't have to live up to my cleaning standard anymore and have enjoyed the passivity that has come for a season in "having to clean" my house to perfection... Let me explain...
Living in an old farmhouse is nice in that all the stains and nicks and such are a permanent part of its decor... old walls usually need re-painting rather than time spent cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. It has been a blessing for me here as Father has not expected me, nor my husband to live up to my standard: impeccably clean... its been liberating to live here... and smile at the old floors and what comes in from day to day and not complain. It seems that there is always time to get to the dirt when its necessary... and when I do, natural truly is best. Even now I look at the wall in front of me and its stains and nicks and splotches... my flesh says, Argh.... that's awful... my spirit is quieted that there will be a time... May the Lord bless you as you encourage other in natural cleaning, my change about 20 years ago has proven itself over and over, I don't like to think I would be dead, but you are right the smells are so much better and so good for you.
Glad to hear from you again,
I invite you to my blogs- see my profile.