Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Servant???

I was reminded again tonight, by my sweet Lord, that our lives are to be a broken and spilled out life. I was washing dishes and cleaning up the kitchen tonight and just praying and thinking about how I want even that act to be a sacrifice of love to my Savior. With all the tasks that a mother must do every day, we have countless chances to either do with an attitude of complaining or serve with a heart filled with love for Jesus and those we are serving. I do not always have the heart of loving service, but that is my desire and His desire for me. I repent when the Lord shows me that I am being a grumbling Israelite. Our service for each other is the true gospel being lived out moment by moment in the daily mundane. Help me Father to see the eternal in the dirty toilet, the pile of laundry, the fussy toddler, another meal to be made, the seemingly endless math to grade, the back to massage, the game to play, and the pile of clothes to be ironed.
"Your God has commanded your strength..." ~Psalm 68:28a
If you have never heard the song, 'Broken and Spilled Out' I would encourage you to do so. It is excellent and full of truth. It makes me want to fall on my knees and surrender all over again.


Hannah said...

Oh Thank you SO SO much for posting that lovely picture :) Haley is so beautiful!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts in the post too-- but that picture made my day!

Love you all SO much (not to mention how much I miss you!)

Home school Mom said...

That is so true. Sometimes I feel like my daily tasks of being a 'stay at home mom and homeschool mom' for the past 10 years, can be quite daunting at times. Doing the same tasks day after day after day. And then I'm quickly reminded that I am doing exactly what I LOVE and what I was put on this earth to do! I am so, so blessed to be able to serve my family in this way and clean those toilets to the best of my ability! :) I am often reminded about how thankful I am for the little things in staying home day after day to love and take care of my family! What a gift! ;) I wouldn't want it any other way!
PS. Haley is gorgeous and looks SO MUCH like YOU!! :)) Love it!

Hannah said...

Are you making scrambled pancakes Haley??
Oh my! I do so miss those days of you all living here :)
I hope you and your new friends have just as special of times together- do you ever have tea parties with Kindle?
You are becoming such a lovely young lady dear friend!
I love you very much. . .

Forever friends and sisters in Christ,
Hannah Marie


That is a cyber hug :)

Anonymous said...

Haley- of course a servant. My friend you captured your daughters sweet serving countenance so elegantly in this photo. I appreciate also your thoughts about complaining and grumbling. It is so wonderful to have a salvation that is of the Lord; knowing that thou we fall we shall not be hurled headlong because it is the Lord who holds his hand.

Hannah said...

Oh all of you! I love the new header and squealed at how *adorable* Silas is!
Oh, if you can sometime soon, do come for a visit (at least!) It's in the Lord's hands but you are all SO very welcome! We love you all!

Haley and Logan, the two of you are growing up so fast and are getting SO tall! Enoch and Nathanael are trying to figure out if you are taller than them yet Logan :) And Haley, you are pretty close to my height as well!

Silas, Your smile is so precious! I wish you could play with my nephew Jeremiah, you two would have so much fun together!

Keep the pics coming Andrea! We love 'em to pieces :) well, maybe not the pictures themselves but the people in them!!!