Wednesday, June 23, 2010

House Pics

~Our Home~
This is our main bathroom that the children and guests use. Tim picked out the shower curtain when we first moved here and we all really like it.
This is our very small, but very functional kitchen. We have already baked and cooked lots of yummy things. Our kitchens are places of togetherness, feeding the body and soul.
You can see the three Scrabble players at the dining room table. :-) The little blue table and chair are Haley's school 'desk'. The kitchen is at the very back left of this picture.
You can see our bedroom door and part of the living room. Also in that little hallway is the bathroom and the children's room.
Here I am standing at our bedroom door and taking a picture of the living room. Our books and instruments bring us so much joy!
Here is my dear husband working on a project in the other half of the living room. You can also see the front door. I hope you enjoyed seeing most of our little home.


Sister Jeannette said...

A simple & Godly home and a lovely family.
God bless you

Hannah said...

You have a very beautiful home!
Maybe someday we will come down and visit you all :)

Stephanie said...

Fun to see pictures! One day maybe I'll be able to see it in real life. :o) Thanks for posting!

Hannah said...

Oh, I meant to ask...

Who plays the harp?
Enoch has always wanted to play harp!
My cousin Melissa plays harp and she has a $60,000 harp that she can use for life.
Some peoples 30 year old daughter died and it was her harp. They wanted someone responsible to be able to use it. I have not seen it in person myself, but I have heard it is gorgeous and have seen it in a movie of her playing it. It has a golden crown (??) on the top and inlaid gold in some intricate carvings.

Are you still playing the cello, Logan? I did not see it in the pictures...

Haley, guess what! Did you know that I want to play the violin too? I want to play it fiddle style. I don't have my own yet but Grace sometimes let's me play hers and I so much enjoy that!
I bought a really nice camera this winter so I'm hoping once I get that paid for the rest of the way I can purchase a fiddle!


Anonymous said...

Tis lovely to be content with the dwelling he gives us each season of our life... I loved having you here when you He made your abode to be with us! Small is beautiful Andrea, I have never boasted a large kitchen either and it indeed breeds the charm of helping one another be fed.
Love Ya,