Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Waiting on the Lord....bedroom

Our bed and desk. This is where I am right now...at the desk. Beloved's bed and our dresser.
Well, this morning was one of those mornings where I wished I could go back to bed and start all over. I was tired, my back hurt, and I had what seemed like a million things to do. Then I called my husband and poured out my troubles and frustrations. He encouraged me to let the Lord take all of it. I went to the Lord-not because I particularly felt like it-but I went in obedience. I know that we do not have to live with hormone troubles, grumpiness, and frustration. That is what Jesus died for...to set us FREE! If we walk in the Spirit we will be filled with the fruits of the Spirit, not the fruits/junk of the flesh. But, I have to choose to abide in His victory and love. I can't wait for my feelings to come first either. After yielding my heart to the Lord, I went out to the kitchen and repented to my children and was blessed with their forgiveness. Then we were able to go on through the rest of the day with a song in our hearts. God is always ready to deliver us from our flesh. I was also meditating on the verse, 'They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings like eagles. They shall run and NOT be weary, they shall walk and not faint.' Someone once shared with us that one of the Hebrew meanings for wait is 'to be intertwined with'. I thought that was beautiful. If we are utterly wrapped up in God, intertwined with Him, we shall not grow weary nor faint. Instead we will soar as eagles and have renewed strength. Thank you Father!
On another note...since we can't have most of you over for dinner because of living so far away, I thought I would post some pictures of our apartment for you. That way you can picture where we live. :-) We are currently in a 800 sq. foot apartment. We have lived here for 14 months and have really enjoyed our time here. There have been some hard things, but I think trials are a part of life no matter where we live. God uses all of these things to teach us to be more like Him. So far I only have pictures of our bedroom to post. I will get the other rooms in the next couple of weeks.
Keep seeking Him with a passionate heart.

Too many pictures ;-)

Well, I am guessing that only 5 images can accompany a post. So I am going to put the last two images on this post!

Work is good!

Every morning we have chore time after breakfast. We each have different chores that we do six days a week. Sundays we don't have any offical chores, but we usually have plenty of dishes and cooking to do as we often have one to several families over. It is a blessing to have your home filled with brothers and sisters in Christ.
Here are a few pictures of us doing our chores this morning. Vision is our flour grinder. He keeps us supplied with freshly ground flour for bread, muffins, pizza dough, biscuits, pie crust, scones, pancakes, and popovers. It is hard work for him and I always tell him it is going to help him to develop strong muscles. :-) Our children work hard every day and I am really proud of them.
Sunshine finished her rag doll today. She absolutely loved working on it. She has dh's love for artsy, crafty things and his diligence. I really admire both of them for those traits. The other picture is of our little Beloved clapping to Sunshine singing a Bible song. So sweet! O, I am also going to post a picture of a first for our precious baby. He pulled himself up on our little love seat all by himself. This is the first time he has completely stood on his own. I so enjoy all of those little 'firsts'.

Recent Photos

Here are some recent pictures of our precious children. Sunshine is almost 11, Vision is 9, and Beloved is 8 months. Today Sunshine worked on making a rag doll, Vision went to work for a little bit with dh, and Beloved played, ate, and slept. :-) We also did school today. This evening I received a sweet blessing from my daughter when she made a delicious casserole for dinner. Vision and I snapped fresh green beans to eat along with the casserole. After the children did the dinner dishes, Vision and I went for a bike ride to the store to get a gallon of milk. I love riding bikes and feeling the wind blow through my hair! How fun!! While we were gone, Sunshine worked on her rag doll for a bit again. They are now all in bed and I need to go hang up the freshly washed laundry before I head there too! Sleep well everyone.

Testing 1, 2, 3 :-)

Hello friends and family! I was encouraged by an old friend to start a blog. I thought I would give it a try since I really enjoy reading hers. :-) I love keeping in contact with all of our family and friends...especially now that we live way out in the Northwest. I pray you will be blessed by the updates and feel a little bit more a part of our lives. We love you all.