Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Free To Love

Weeks ago the Lord gave me a song after He set me free from some things. As people were surrounding me and praying for my freedom these words kept running through my mind, 'Free To Love'. I heard the Lord whisper to me that He is setting me and others free so that we can freely love others with His love. Here are the words...

  1. Jesus I come to You, I hear You calling. I give you my chains and you've set me free, so free.
  2. CHORUS: Free to love, free to give, and let the oppressed go free. Free to break chains of sin and release heavy burdens. Free to break every yoke and take care of the needy. Then Your light will shine forth as the morning. Hallelujah, hallelujah. We are free to love...set free to love...so free to love.
  3. Jesus I need You, I know my weakness. You're my deliverer and my heart is free, so free.

I play it in the key of A but I don't think that is very helpful. Anyhow, I hope the words at least bless you and may we be totally free indeed...free to love Him and others.


Hannah said...

Beautiful song Mrs. Andrea! Oh what I would give to hear you sing it and sing along with you! I was so happy to get your lovely comment on my blog. . . and to hear Haley still loves me dearly :) Oh I knew she did, but sometimes when you don't see someone for sooo. . . long that you wonder if they really do remember you :) Tell her that I love her the same, and really truly hope I can see her sometime before too long! Do you have a computer now? Or are you still using the library? I am really, (I mean REALLY!) wanting to see some pictures of you all! Silas must be getting to be such a big boy. . . and Haley and Logan must be getting taller too! I was just thinking about writing a letter to Haley today. I miss corresponding with her!
Well I need to go and get dinner on for the family! We are having bread and salad- want to join us? Nathanael is making cookies to bake in the clay oven!
Love you all so much!

Miss Grace Elizabeth said...

Dear Beloved Sister,
What a beautiful song! Just by reading it I can hear your lovely voice singing it! Thank you so much for your kind note on my blog. It means alot to me! I am so blessed to have you as a friend and sister. I really needed the encouragement to not grow weary in doing good. Thank you so so much!
I am glad that you are finding out more of the greatness of our Father's Love.
Each day He is drawing us nearer to Himself. Keep pressing on dear sister!
I love you so much! ((Hugs)) That is the best way I can manage a hug over the line! :) I too miss you alot, but our God's love is deeper than the oceans and wider than the seas. He has given this love to you and me. And know matter how far apart we are on the earth. His Love holds us very close together.
Love ya, :)
Your friend and sister,

Anonymous said...

Love is more than a feeling isn't it? It has its work and courage... it grows... its unfailing...
I would like to hear more about the things he set you free of...about your deliverance; I believe it will encourage me as you testify. please e-mail me onlitzenroad.com.

Kimberly said...

Amen sweet sister..... He has called us to abundance. I would love to meet you as well. It is always nice to meet up with the Lords people. Blessings to you and thanks for sharing your heart.

Miss Grace Elizabeth said...

Dear Andrea,
It would be too long to share in a comment. But I just wanted to tell you that I have been delivered and I and rejoicing in the wonderful salvation of my Jesus. All the darkness is gone and I know that I can go on.
Maybe someday when I see you next I can tell you all that has happened and what the Lord has taught me through it all. For now you can know that I am rejoicing in resting in Him. He is a great God and full of grace and mercy and love and I can not live one day without him! Thanks so much dear sister for you love and prayers
I love you!