Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Move...New Mercies

Here we are, just a few days before our move to the mountain. It is so beautiful up there. We will be living on 49 acres that are mostly wooded. The children and I are looking forward to going on our daily walks surrounded by God's amazing creation! For now we will be living in the walk-out basement of the log home. It is much larger than our apartment and has two glass sliders looking down the mountain. I know we will very much enjoy living in the basement and on the mountain. Sunshine and Vision are daily enjoying playing their cello and violin together. What a blessing to us! We all played together in church last week, Dh on the piano, me on the guitar, Sunshine on the violin, and Vision on the cello. How sweet it is to be able to all play and sing together!! We LOVE it!! We sang a song that we learned from dear friends in our home state, 'There's A Mighty River'. It is such a special song to us. Whoever wrote the song was given a gift by the Holy Spirit. I am so thankful for new mercies and new days from God. Last Saturday I felt unable to continue on...I was seemingly surrounded by dark clouds with no hope of sunshine in sight. I spent most of my day crying. To put it plainly, I was a mess. I missed our families and friends terribly. No matter how much I tried to look to the Lord, I could only cry and wonder if He really was hearing our prayers. Since dh has barely worked for almost 4 months with no work in sight, I felt like a hopeless, wrung-out dish rag. Anyhow, by the end of the day I was seeing a bit of sunshine thanks to my dear husband, a neighbor from Nepal, and some friends we had over for dinner. By the next morning I was feeling almost entirely renewed and thankful that it was a NEW day. Unbeknownst to me, my loving dh had asked the Lord to please ;-) send some encouragement for me. Well, He did. That day we were given a refridgerator to use in our new living place, some meat, possibly some work at our church, and a brother in Christ stopped by with a gift for us. How undeserving I was, but how loving and merciful He is. O me of little faith. I am sure we all have days where there seems to be no hope for whatever situation we are in. God will never push us beyond what we are able. He is a good Father and only does what is good for His children. Many times it is hard to hold on to that when difficult situations come, but He will never desert us. He is trying us by fire so that we can come forth as gold. The Lord wants us to be able to totally trust no matter what is going on around us. Thank you Father for your tenderness.