Thursday, September 4, 2008

Pizza, Bread, and Huckleberries

My husband and I have found a really fun way of making pizza...we grill it! I read about it in the book 'American Pie' and was very intrigued by the idea of grilling pizza. It takes awhile since we can only grill one pizza at a time, but it is fun to casually eat for an hour and a half while chatting. Another love of mine is baking bread. I absolutely LOVE dough! I usually make bread once a week and pizza dough once a week. I have a goal though to someday be able to successfully make naturally leavened (sourdough) bread. That is my favorite kind of bread. I have made it many times, but not so successfully. LOL Some of it took a heroic effort to cut (bricks), but since I made it, we just had to eat it. Making bread for my family is something I love to do. Nourishing our families with healthy, home cooked food is so rewarding and fulfilling! :-) Monday was labor day and we had a wonderful family day. Our family and another family here, that we recently just met, went wild huckleberry picking. It was wonderful! We drove for an hour up into the mountains and then foraged all over the mountain side for wild huckleberries. For about 3 hours our two families picked. It was so beautiful and peacefull up on the mountain and the air was crisp and cool. I felt a bit like Heidi. :-) Both families got about 5 cups each of little berries. They were delicious! I made a Huckleberry Crisp with our berries and that was Yummy. After we were done picking, we drove a little ways down the mountain and had a picnic together. All of the boys then played baseball games together while we ladies watched the little ones and chatted. We got back home around 4:30 in the late afternoon and dh fired up the grill. By the time we had finished grilling, eating, and cleaning up the kitchen, it was time for family reading and then bed. We are currently reading the book 'God's Smuggler' as a family. We all love it! It is a book that really encourages our faith and to live radically for God, trusting Him to do the miraculous. Thank you Lord for wonderful family days out in your creation and for books that point us to a life of faith in You.

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Nickel Mom said...

Grilling...interesting. I don't think I have the patience for that! I bet it does taste good though! :O)
Remember when I was at your house and we had spaghetti? You told me you used the GV brand spaghetti sauce and I LOVED it! Well....I went out and bought it that day and I have been using it ever since!! I wanted to tell you that I use the GV brand pizza sauce as well! We make homemade pizza every Friday night and we ALWAYS use GV pizza sauce. We've tried about 5 others and we just love the GV brand. What's funny, is that everyone we have over to try the pizza raves about the sauce and they wonder what kind I use!
So funny too....we don't shop at Walmart, EXCEPT for the spaghetti and pizza sauce. So it's really funny when we go in and stock our cart with tons of pizza and spaghetti sauce! We always get some weird looks! ;O)