Thursday, December 4, 2008

Newspaper Route continued...

Here is our dd running up to an older woman's porch and putting it in the little gray tote that the lady would like her newspaper in. The tote lid has a square cut out of it. Here is Papa running up a slippery deck this morning to toss the paper by the door.
Here I am doing 'my house' in a group of four houses. We each take one of the houses and run as fast as we can to see who can get back to our vehicle first.
Here is our little crew (minus the photographer ;-) ) just having gotten back from the route. We are all ready for a little nap...after our little snack of course.

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Dean and Jen said...

It is so nice to get a picture of what you do bright and early in the morning. :) I can picture it like I have been there with you! It sounds like you have all gotten more and more efficient with your timing. I can't imagine how tired you must have been when you first started!!!