Friday, December 26, 2008

Hodge Podge...:-)

Hello everyone! I so enjoy putting up pictures and posts for you all...I hope you enjoy the peek into our life too. :-) Here is the local concert hall. We went to a string quartet concert here. It was quite amazing. There were 4 male players, all professionals from New York. I wish I could have taken a picture of them playing but it was forbidden. We sat right in the center front row so we got to see them playing up close. With two violins, one violia, and one cello, the music was just beautiful. This was the first time we had ever heard a violia being played. This was also our first classical concert that we have ever been to and we enjoyed the experience. Here is the outside of the music building. This picture does not do the real sight justice.
Here is our beautiful Sunshine playing with her little brother. How they all enjoy each other.
Here I am holding my sleepy baby. He is such a snuggler when it is time for sleep. Snuggling sleeping babies has always been one of my favorite things.
Here we are all ready for the day. Beloved is such a GIFT from the Lord to our family. How my arms love to hold arms do get tired at times though since he weighs 24 lbs! That is one reason why I LOVE my Ergo!! I carry him in it almost daily at some time or another.


Nickel Mom said...

What a sweet baby! You have beautiful children! They truly are a gift from above! I love spending time with my children and family as well! My very most favorite thing in the world!! They grow so quicly....I'm just trying to enjoy them at this age!

Dean and Jen said...

You are doing the mouth thing when you are snuggling that sweet little baby!!!!! I bet you didn't even realize it. :) I miss you!!! Love the picture of you and the baby at the end. Sounds like a great experience at the concert hall. I am sure it was beautiful!