Friday, December 4, 2009

Matters of prayer...

Hi...I know it has been way too long. :-) I wanted to post something that you all could be in prayer for our family for. Almost one month ago we received a call about a tiny baby girl. She is Silas' (our 2 year old adopted son) new sister. We don't even know her name but she was born on October 7th. She will also be placed up for adoption as her (and Silas') birthmother is unable to keep her. The state of Michigan is wondering if we have any interest in adopting her since we already have her brother. She will not be available for adoption though for anywhere from 5-11 months from now since she is already a ward of the state. We are interested in adopting her and sometimes our hearts just yearn to hold, rock, and sing to her. She is currently in a foster home in MI. This whole thing is completely out of our hands and we are just praying for God's best for this precious child and for our family. If He wants her to be a part of our family then He will make it so. We just bought a used Suburban yesterday so as to be ready vehicle wise. Our previous vehicle was all filled up as it only seated five. As soon as we are settled in Texas, we would have to start our home study all over again. We appreciate your prayers as we settle in a new state and possibly add another arrow to our home. :-) God bless you all during this Christmas season. Love, Andrea


Hannah said...

We will be praying for you for sure!! I hope all is going well for you in moving. We will have to get your new address. :) Say Hi to everyone there for me! I will leave you my email in another comment (don't publish it please!) and you can send me your new address when you have time.
I love you and miss you all SO SO SO much!!

Anonymous said...

Precious Sister of Silas,
He knows where you are going. And when he has tested you like gold in a fire, he will pronounce you innocent. You will stay on God's paths; You will follow his ways and not turn aside. You will not depart from his commands but will treasure his word in your heart. Nevertheless, his mind concerning you remains unchanged, and who can turn him from his purposes? Whatever he wants to do, he does. So he will do for you all he has planned. He controls your destiny."

Dearest Andrea and family,
My hearts message to this little one comes from Job. I know that God will perform all things for you. Trust the Lord, pour forth your heart always before Him. The pain of this situation has been relieved by His precious blood, so we thank Him for all He is doing and will do in the life of this precious little one. As Beth's song rings: Lord Almighty, Creator Lamb of God, My Rock My Fortress My Shelter From the Storm, The Way, The Truth, The Life, The Prince of Peace, The Light, My Shield, My King of Kings and My High Tower.
The Alpha and Omega, The Lord of Lords, The I Am
Lord Almighty, Lord Almighty, Lord Almighty!
Heartfelt Prayer for all of you at this moment, especially the soul of this tiny babe.
Gentle Love,
Sister Christine in Marilla

Home school Mom said...

What a cool opportunity! We will be praying for your future and for the future of this little one. Thank you for sharing!! :))

Hannah said...

Mrs. Andrea, I awarded you on my blog. It is the favorite blog award. Here is the link:


Dilvîn said...

Hi sister!
I have been praying for you all
The work of the Lord in your life is beautiful to me!

Because I like your Blog so much I awarded you on my blog with the "Lovely lady Lovely Blog" award
All that you have to do is go on my blog and save the award picture and
put it on you side bar.
~Your sister Miss Grace Elizabeth F.

Shelly said...

Hi, I grew up with the Stagg's and was engaged to Jon years ago. It is nice to read your blog and know how much of a wonderful family you have. I hope that the adoption thing works out for you.

Shelly (Lehr) Vandlen

Home school Mom said...

Hey! Hope you are all doing well! I need another update!! :D Take Care!