Saturday, August 29, 2009

Glacier National Park

Beauty beyond beauty! Glacier is magnificent! We arrived home late Thursday evening having been gone for 8 days. God was so good to give our family that time of refreshment. I am going to do a few blog posts about our trip, so here is part one. We set up camp about 1 hour inside of Glacier at a place called Bowman Lake. You could probably find a picture of it online. It is a remote lake that is surrounded by mountains. It was like a dream. I kept saying to Tim, " I can't believe we are actually here in this amazing beauty!" I have dreamed of going to Western Montana for at least a decade. We spent Friday enjoying our site and getting all set up for the coming week. We cooked dinner over the fire in cast iron and then went to bed. We were pretty tired as we were all still recovering from a week of a nasty flu cold. Saturday we got up and decided to go on a hike...a 14 mile hike! ;-0 By the time we got dressed and washed hair, cooked breakfast, heated up water for dishes, did the dishes, tidied up camp, and packed all of our backpacks with a picnic and lots of water, it was just after one o'clock. Tim put Silas on his back in the Ergo (I really don't know what we would do without our dear Ergo) while Haley, Logan, and I each strapped on a backpack. The hike was along one side of Bowman Lake. We started walking...and we walked and walked and walked. By the time we were near the end of the trail it was starting to get late. We were wondering if we would get home before it got dark. So we headed back double time. At this point we had already walked about 7 miles. Tim took the lead and had us alternating between walking and running. Haley and I were in the back and we started getting giddy with tiredness. Both of us started laughing at any and every little thing. A few times Haley fell down on the ground she was laughing so hard. We weren't really helping each other as we both kept thinking of funny things. :-) After another 90 minutes of running/walking Haley and I began to make plans of spending the next day sitting in chairs around the campfire with our feet up and wrapped in ice. Of course this was funnier than either of us could handle and we were laughing and gasping for breath. We still had one hour of brisk walking left. About a half mile from our tent my leg muscles started to cramp up and I could barely walk. You see, we had been pushing so hard because the grizzles move at dusk and we were the only ones out there on that trail. Thankfully we made it to our tent just as it became totally dark and the Lord kept us safe from the cougars and grizzles. I do think though that the 14 mile hike is one of our best memories from our week. Thank you Lord for such a fun, crazy experience.


Hannah said...

Oh I can just hear and see you laughing! I will always remember the times us and you would laugh together...those were good times!
I have had many fun hard laughs with my joyful Mama too!

Home school Mom said...

How awesome!! :D

Carrie said...

This is what family memories are made of!