Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Recent Photos

Here are some recent pictures of our precious children. Sunshine is almost 11, Vision is 9, and Beloved is 8 months. Today Sunshine worked on making a rag doll, Vision went to work for a little bit with dh, and Beloved played, ate, and slept. :-) We also did school today. This evening I received a sweet blessing from my daughter when she made a delicious casserole for dinner. Vision and I snapped fresh green beans to eat along with the casserole. After the children did the dinner dishes, Vision and I went for a bike ride to the store to get a gallon of milk. I love riding bikes and feeling the wind blow through my hair! How fun!! While we were gone, Sunshine worked on her rag doll for a bit again. They are now all in bed and I need to go hang up the freshly washed laundry before I head there too! Sleep well everyone.


Nickel Mom said...

Yah! I'm so HAPPY you decided to do a blog! I will look at it everyday to keep in touch with you now! :)
Hey wait....am I seeing things...I think I count 4 kids in the picture and you named 3! Is there a 4th? :O)
Welcome to the blogging world! Tell your beautiful family "hello"!

Joyful Mama said...

You are right, there are 4 in the picture. The cute blond boy on the far right is the neighbor boy that we take care of every weekday. He is not our child, but he is very much a part of our life and we love him dearly.